September 2008

Madonna – Not Bad for an Old Broad

updated April 19, 2014by September 30, 2008

 I just took a look at the schedule for the Madonna concert tour. More to the point I ran across an article about Madonna on one of the search portals and there was a picture. She don’t look bad for an old broad. That thought took me back to her emergence in the early 80’s […]

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Ryder Cup Redemption

updated April 19, 2014by September 11, 2008

 Once again the Ryder Cup looms. Over the last decade the American Ryder Cup scene has been dismal. In 2008 though the American team looks strong. Is it enough to overcome recent history or will the Yanks go home losers? Is Phil Mickelson enough to carry the load? Find out with Ryder Cup tickets and a […]

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NFL Tickets – Monday Night

updated April 19, 2014by September 9, 2008

 NFL tickets answered two big questions on Monday night: Can Aaron Rodgers replace Brett Favre? The answer is yes. Rodgers had a decent night against what’s expected to be a pretty good Minnesota Vikings team. Doing it on a national stage can only help with his adjustement. Favre, on the other hand, just barely anaged […]

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The Who – Don’t Get Fooled Again – Get Your Who Tickets Now

updated April 19, 2014by September 2, 2008

 Get ready for The Who. This seminal rock band is one of my favorites and they’re going on tour again in October and November. If you’ve never seen Roger Daltrey and crew live get ready for a treat. Like the Rolling Stones, The Who defined Rock and Roll in the 60’s and their music still […]

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