July 2008

The Great Favre Hunt

updated April 19, 2014by July 18, 2008

 Is it the Minnesota Vikings? Is it the Chicago Bears? Or will the Green Bay Packers hang on to a suddenly eager Brett Favre? Certainly the Packers organization isn’t eager to see Brett back within their division. There’s no up side to that equation. For a guy who’s been praised for his loyalty, Brett Favre […]

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Notre Dame Fighting Irish – Divine Intervention and Growing Up

updated April 19, 2014by July 16, 2008

 Remembering the 2007 Notre Dame season is good for one for reason. It gives us perspective on what needs to be done to make Notre Dame football tickets respectable again. Let’s face it, a 3-9 season for the Hallowed Fighting Irish just ain’t cutting it. My son in law is a died in the wool […]

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All Favre All the Time

updated April 19, 2014by July 15, 2008

Before the start of the NFL season, things are slow. That’s why I’m announcing the creation of the BFNC, the Brett Favre News Channel. We’ll be running endless loops of Brett Favre retiring, then coming back, then retiring, then the announcement that he’s coming back, another loop of Brett Favre not really confirming or denying […]

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AFC South – Chargers Climb the Hill (Again)

updated April 19, 2014by July 11, 2008

 San Diego Chargers -In the NFL the San Diego Chargers are the biggest underachievers in years. They’re loaded with talent at every position, they’ve got an offensive guru at Head Coach, and the road to the playoffs goes through what’s been a relatvely weak division. They are faced with one major hurdle though, which I […]

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The PGA……..D?

updated April 19, 2014by July 7, 2008

 In keeping with the tone of professional sports, the PGA has now begun drug testing of it’s members. Considering the conduct of it’s members, it’s hard for me to believe that there are a lot of golfers hitting the weight room hard and cycling their way through huge quantities of anabolic steroids. Nowhere do I […]

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