April 2008

Kansas Jayhawks – NCAA Champions – It’s All Basics

updated April 19, 2014by April 8, 2008

 Championship games have a tendency to dissapoint. There have been many Super Bowl wins that were flat out boring. But no sports fan could have been dissapointed with the Jayhawks win over Memphis in the NCAA Championship last night. Mario Chalmers hit a 3-point shot with a little over 2 seconds left in regulation to […]

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The Increasingly Tragic Story of Joseph Benjamin

updated April 19, 2014by April 7, 2008

  Regular readers of this site are familiar with the tragic story of Joseph Benjamin. This once promising athlete, having failed to secure a tryout with any NFL or NBA team, has now set his sights on pro boxing. “I’m hoping to get a shot at ESPN Boxing or Top Rank Boxing sometime in the near […]

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Bengals Henry Could Wear Different Stripes

updated April 19, 2014by April 6, 2008

 The Cincinnati Bengals legal woes are becoming the stuff of legend. Wide receiver Chris Henry’s most recent arrest, his fifth since late 2005, was the final straw for the Bengals, who released him in response. Good move. The NFL has it’s hands full already with legal issues created by player arrests. Henry is one of […]

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Favre Flies Again?

updated April 19, 2014by April 4, 2008

 I was surprised when Brett Favre retired from the Green Bay Packers after last season. Having had such a good year, I thought for sure the NFL version of an ironman would come back. Now rumour has it that Favre is peddling himself to other teams. Do I believe it? No, he’s shown too much […]

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NBA Blowout Question

updated April 19, 2014by April 3, 2008

 I just looked at the standings in the NBA. The Boston Celtics now have an amazing 22 game lead over the next closest team in their division, which is the Toronto Raptors. To me, outclassing everyone in your division to that extent is a mixed bag. Yes, you get to cruise through the rest of […]

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