April 2008

BCS Championship Safe

updated April 19, 2014by April 30, 2008

 The BCS Championship Game is still on in the standard format. There will not, we repeat NOT, be a college football playoff series anytime in the near future. I’m a torn man. I love the whole bowl game deal, laying back on the sofa and gorging myself with chips, dip, and a few cold milks. […]

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Amazing Atlanta Hawks Matching Celtics

updated April 19, 2014by April 29, 2008

 The Atlanta Hawks are no match for the Bston Celtics. The Beantown crew won 66 games. The Hawks won 37. Boston won their division. the Hawks finished third. And yet, here we are with the Atlanta Hawks locked in a 2-2 in their NBA Playoff series with the Celtics.  It just goes to show you […]

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No Goobers in Big Apple

updated April 19, 2014by April 25, 2008

 Trailing the Boston Red Sox by three games, the New York Yankees have hit upon a sure fire scheme to launch themselves to the top of the MLB: Banning candy from the clubhouse and even eliminating it from the visitors dugout when they travel. No more goobers, jujubees, Mars bars, Gummy Bears, or Ding Dongs. […]

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Kentucky Derby Looming

updated April 19, 2014by April 20, 2008

 Horse racing fans are getting all pepped up for the Kentucky Derby. The blastoff this year comes at Churchill Downs on May 3rd, where the Run for the Roses will pack thousands of fans beneath the twin spires to enjoy the show. Mint Juleps, fireworks, an air show and other treats are in store for […]

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Amazing Baseball

updated April 19, 2014by April 18, 2008

Two pretty amazing things happened in baseball this week: In Major League Baseball the Colorado Rockies went the distance, topping the San Diego Padres in a 22 inning game. That’s right, a 22 inning game, the longest game of baseball in over a decade. It stretched out over 60 hours, That’s getting your moneys worth […]

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