February 2008

Patriots Legacy Forever Blemished

updated April 19, 2014by February 3, 2008

 A Boston newspaper is now reporting that the New England Patriots taped the final walkthrough of the St. Louis Rams before the Super Bowl in 2002. This pretty much nails it down. The New England Patriots, no matter how succesful, or how many Super Bowls they win in the future, will forever carry the tag of […]

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Lakers Ticket to an NBA Championship

updated April 19, 2014by February 2, 2008

 All indications are that Pau Gasol is headed for Los Angeles. Is Gasol the Lakers ticket to another NBA Championship? He certainly fits their situation. With Andrew Bynum out, Gasol will be counted on to help fill the center spot. When Bynum returns, finding another place for Gasol shouldn’t be a problem. The Lakers can […]

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