February 2008

Parity in the NHL

updated April 19, 2014by February 28, 2008

 The NFL surely must be jealous of the NHL. After years of trying to achieve parity, they still end up with the Miami Dolphins going 1-15 and the New England Patriots at 16-0. It must be driving them nuts because if you take a look at the NHL, currently no team is more than five […]

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Making the MLB Steroid Issue Go Away

updated February 24, 2008by February 24, 2008

 MLB players under suspicion of using performance enhancing drugs have mostly stumbled ther way through interviews and questioning by saying as little as possible. Here’s my take on how the MLB can rid themselves of this issue. 1) More testing and harsh punishments. Something like: Use and You’re banned for life. 2) Make every player […]

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The Many Sides of Sunset

updated April 19, 2014by February 24, 2008

 The sun sets on everyting. It signals an end, sometimes a good one, sometimes a disappointing, and well, sometimes it’s one that rather strange. 1) Sometime in the next few weeks the sun will set on the season of a team that has gone to the Final Four and taken home the prize. It will […]

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Alicia Keys #1

updated April 19, 2014by February 21, 2008

 Looking for a great concert by a top selling artist? Try Alicia Keys tickets for her May 14 show at NOKIA Live at Grand Prairie in Texas. Keys finds herself at the top of the chart with the #1 selling album in the country. The #2 spot is held by Sarah Brightman and her Symphony […]

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A Bronco Far From Home

updated April 19, 2014by February 19, 2008

Presented for your viewing pleasure is PFC Joshua Widdicombe of Stockton, California. Joshua is currently in Balad at Camp Anaconda. As you can see from the picture he’s a Denver Broncos fan. How does he feel about the Bronco’s recent 7-9 season and non-playoff showing? “The Broncos need to open up the passing game a […]

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