December 2007

Puttin on the Dog

updated April 19, 2014by December 20, 2007

 Jonathan Papelbon of the Boston Red Sox said today that his dog ate his souvenir ball, the one used for the last out of the World Series. It just goes to show you: One man’s treasure is another man’s dog food. Or something like that. Link to this post!

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Seeking the Unlikely in College Basketball

updated April 19, 2014by December 18, 2007

 It’s probably too early to be thinking about the Final Four. Which is exactly why I’m doing it. I’ll plunge into the unknown, the land of stupidity, where I often find myself dwelling.  There are of course the favored few who already seem to have their Final Four tickets locked up. Namely, North Carolina, Memphis, […]

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The MLB is Bulked

updated December 14, 2007by December 14, 2007

 I guess it’s unavoidable. I have to make some comment about the MLB and rampant steroid use. Honestly, this thing is long overdue. It’s hard for me to understand why baseball has been so sluggish in enforcing a reasonable drug policy. The issue is pretty clear cut, the drugs being used are commonly know, and […]

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Spygate, Sneakiness, and Success

updated April 19, 2014by December 12, 2007

 SOOOOOOOOOO, now there’s some talk about the New York Jets using unapproved video methods during a game against the Patriots. Will the Jets be fined? Probably not. If you’re doing as poorly as the Jets nobody cares. It’s only when you win that what turnd up under the rocks gets punished. Hank Stram once used […]

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NBA Overlook

updated April 19, 2014by December 9, 2007

 Too much going on right now to get in an extensive look. After the NFL season ends we’ll come back to it. Bit for right now here’s a few quick, stunningly uninformed opinions. Where is the defense of the Dallas Mavericks that was so good last year? The Miami Heat are 4-14 as of this […]

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