Super Bowl Tickets – The Spectrum

by on January 30, 2015 updated January 30, 2015

The upcoming Super Bowl brings us another broad spectrum of foolishness, fun, and deep investigations of the most trivial of things. Part of it is the mystique of the game, part of it is simply reporters filling space. Here are a few things that could actually make a difference in this Super Bowl.


Richard Sherman is going to be a father. It could happen Sunday. If so, Sherman will have the hard choice of witnessing the birth of his son or playing in the Super Bowl. Tough deal. His absence or presence could change the outcome of the game.

No Deflategate at the Super Bowl. 108 footballs will be kept under high security and given a pre-game checkup. If Tom Brady is given fully inflated footballs will it affect his game? This is one aspect that will watched closely. If Brady falters or his receivers drop more than one, look out.

Super Bowl tickets are in bigger demand than ever. Right now some ticket brokers are moving Super Bowl tickets at $9,000 and above, another good reason to use where your Super Bowl tickets can be had for considerably less if you don’t wait too long.

The Seahawks don’t like a lot of things about their employer. Richard Sherman has tangled with the NFL. Marshawn Lynch makes a mockery of the interview process. Now Safety Earl Thomas is upset about being tested for HGH just prior to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl picks are flying and are fairly evenly divided. The key factor here is that most are hovering around the 20 point mark for each team. One undeniable fact: The Super Bowl cannot be predicted.


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