Saints Battling Injuries and the Missing Something

by on October 24, 2014 updated October 24, 2014

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Saints vs Packers Could Spell Success or Failure for New Orleans


The New Orleans Saints began the 2014 NFL season with high hopes a dreams of a Super Bowl. After all, the offense is still performing at  a high level, new whiz kid Cooks was a deep threat, and the defense was a Top 5 unit in 2013 and added emerging talent. But it’s all fallen apart.

The Saints are now 2-4 and have lost that certain something that makes a team a winner in the NFL. The defense has given up leads and last minute drives. The offense can’t come up with the clutch play. New Orleans is close, most of their losses were close, a blowout by Dallas the only exception to the rule.

Now the Saints must face the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night. Having already lost several key players the Saints announced that Khiry Robinson and Pierre Thomas will both miss the game. Thomas especially will be missed, a key player in not only the running game but the passing attack and perhaps the best screen play runner in the NFL.

For the Saints, a loss to the Packers would be almost the Kiss of Death for playoff hopes, a reminder that in the NFL the pre-season means nothing and that even the best laid plans will fall to pieces once the actual battle begins and sometimes for reason you can’t quite put a finger on.

Other NFL News of Note

 Darrelle Revis is in the doghouse with the Patriots after missing a meeting. That’s a big thing with Bill Belichick but odds are that all will be forgiven if Revis can turn in a big game against the Chicago Bears.

The Seattle Seahawks are under attack from every direction. That’s what happens when you’re the defending Super Bowl champions.

The Denver Broncos may be the best team in the AFC and everyone needs to be on board with that. Even the guy who runs the scoreboard, lest Peyton Manning single him out for discipline.



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