Manziel (No) Magic in Cleveland – RGIII Returns

by on December 14, 2014 updated December 14, 2014

 Browns Blasted in Manziel Debut 


NFL tickets get hyped and no ticket or player has been hyuped more than tickets to see the debut of JOhnny manziel. Hopes were high as Manziel took the field, visions of Johnny Football tossing NFl experts on their heads along with touchdowns and magic runs. Unfortunately for Manziel and the Cleveland Browns, the only magic on this field was from the Cincinnati Bengals defense.

Manziel tossed two interceptions and was sacked three times in his debut, learning the hard lesson that life in the NFL won’t be as easy as it was in college and a 30-0 loss drives home the point that no matter how talented you are, things in the NFL are tough.

 Giants Welcome RGIII Back with 24-13 Loss

 Across the country from The Manziel Show, another run and gun quarterback, one who has actually seen some success in the NFL, came back to another tough scenario. Robert Griffin III entered the game against the New York Giants and promptly lost the ball crossing the goal. The touchdown was called back with the ruling that Griffin lost control and resulted in a touchback. More trouble for Griffin and more problems for the Washington Redskins as Colt McCoy was injured.


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