NBA Tickets – Cavaliers Sweep Into Finals

by on May 26, 2015 updated May 26, 2015



So, this is an unusual event for NBA Finals tickets. The Cleveland Cavaliers pulled off a four game sweep of the Atlanta Hawks last night, capping a remarkable playoff run so far. The last time this happened was so long ago we don’t even want to look it up. The chronology runs like this:

Cavaliers 97, Hawks 89 – LeBron James scores 31. J.R. Smith knocks out three-pointers like candy and the Hawks lose DeMarre Carroll to a leg injury.

Cavaliers 94, Hawks 82 – James goes 30 and the Cavaliers look good even without Kyrie Irving. Carroll comes back for the Hawks but he’s obviously hampered. Not good for Atlanta. This is a decisive blowout.

Cavaliers 114, Hawks 111 – In Cleveland things got tougher for some reason. James gets off to a terrible start but ends up with 37.

Cavaliers 118, Hawks 88 – James scores 23 but Cleveland gets Kyrie Irving back and the Hawks are whipped puppies.

So the Cleveland Cavaliers advance to the NBA Finals for the second time in franchise hitory whil LeBron james is back for the 5th straight time. Right now it looks like the Golden State Warriors will be the opponent but we can’t get ahead of ourselves. If James can win another NBA Championship, well, it pretty much validates very move he’s made in the last year.


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