NFL Tickets in Fantastic LA

by on March 27, 2015 updated March 27, 2015

Remember Jim Morrison singing about fantastic LA? For some reason, Fantastic LA just hasn’t been all that great for NFL teams. But, it soon may be paradise for NFL ticket sales.



The National Football League has long had their eye on getting an NFL franchise into Los Angeles, they just haven’t been able to do it. With the announcement of a new stadium you can bet there’s some kind of deals being made to move either an existing franchise into the area or adding an expansion team. The last idea is far fetched. Right now, there are too many NFL teams looking for greener pastures to consider opening up the league to more teams.

Oakland Raiders – Been there, done that and din’t do real well at it. The Raiders would be an obvious move and could probably bring a number of their fans along for the ride. This could be especially lucrative of Jack Del Rio has a promising season in Oakland.

San Diego Chargers – Oddly enough, speculation is that the Raiders would be sharing the new digs with the San Diego Chargers. San Diego has been looking for a new place for a while and not having much luck in their hometown.

St. Louis Rams – Perhaps the odds are running in favor of the St. Louis Rams here, seeing as how owner Stan Kroenke has already shelled out for land and design work on a two-team stadium. Having the Rams and Raiders, who are in separate conferences, may appeal more to NFL owners than the Chargers and Raiders.

This LA NFl idea has been kicked around so much it seems obvious that sooner or later NFL tickets will be in the City of Angels. Which team you’ll see and where is still a mystery.



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