NFL Tickets – Green Bay Packers

by on May 21, 2015 updated May 21, 2015

With a loss to the Seattle Seahawks the Green Bay Packers officially began their 2015 offseason and the resulting chaos that often descends on a winning team. In this case the end of the season meant the loss of some players at key defensive positions. You would think Green Bay would address those needs early in the 2015 NFL Draft and you’d be ….wrong.

Packers ticket holders won’t have to worry about being competitive though. Any team with Aaron Rodgers at the helm is going to be competitive. Getting to another Super Bowl is the key here as neither Rodgers or any other Packer will be happy with less than winning another title. So what did Green Bay do to boost their talent level?

Surprisingly enough, the Packers went with a safety in the 1st Round of the draft, taking Damarious Randall out of Arizona State.. Randall is projected as a safety, a curious pick for a team needing cornerbacks. That need was addressed in Round 2 when Quentin Rollins out of Miami of Ohio. Rollins is raw but talented, smaller than your average cornerback but an athlete nonetheless.

Special teams probably got a boost in Round 3 with the pick of Ty Montgomery. He’ll have a hard time taking the field this season as a receiver but he is very good in the return game. Getting Clay Mathews out of the middle may be an option with Jake Ryan now on the roster. Ryan is a prototype middle ma but taking the step up to starting is probably optimistic for now. Let’s call him a project.

And on to quarterback Brett Hundley. The Packers have found and developed several starting quarterbacks in the last decade or so and Hundley is going to be another long term work in progress. He has all the physical qualities you like to see but he is far from a starter. Time, and experience could change that. A definite pick for the future.

Overall, the 2015 Green Bay Packers return a solid team with some interesting talent to be mined down the line. No immediate impact players here, unless Montgomery ignites the return game.


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