Kansas City Chiefs vs Oakland Raiders – Tale of Two Cities

by on November 20, 2014 updated November 20, 2014

The Oakland Raiders have a chance to do what no other NFL team has managed to do in 2014, which is go 0-11 and set themselves up for a run at a 0-16 season. Meanwhile Division rival Kansas City is now trying to add to their 5-0 run and gain themselves some edge over the Denver Broncos. This game is more of a glaring example of what happens when you hire a football guy, let him do what he thinks should be done,as opposed to allowing a legacy to run an operation when that legacy is well, not quite up to standard.

The Kansas City Chiefs took a big step up when they hired Andy Reid and allowed him to take a foundering football team, bring in key player such as Alex Smith, and reinvent a franchise that seemed to be going nowhere. Granted, the Chiefs still have much to prove in the way of winning a Super Bowl but at least they are in the discussion.

The Oakland Raiders are a laughingstock and have been since Jon Gruden left a decade ago or thereabouts. They continue a history of poor player decision, handcuffed coaches, and victory droughts. When that will change it’s hard to say. Now, on to tonight’s game.

I would like to include this game in my list of NFL upsets and tell you that the Oakland Raiders are going to shock the world but I simply can’t. That’s not because it isn’t possible, anything is possible. But, the Raiders are simply once again taking the field with no hope. Oakland has little to no offense, scoring a league low 15.2 points per game. Running the ball is not working and Oakland now has rookie Derek Carr under center. Carr has done admirably well considering the circumstances but without a performing cast around him will continue to struggle. Facing a Chiefs defense with 30 sacks won’t help his cause.

No, enjoy this game that puts the Chiefs one up, at least temporarily, on the Broncos and see it for what it is: A Tale of Two Cities headed in different directions.


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