2014 NFC Predictions

by on July 25, 2014 updated July 25, 2014

No fanfare, just quick hits and our predictions on each NFC division.

NFC East – The Philadelphia Eagles under Chip Kelly take the NFC East again. The Giants improve but a struggling defense leaves them lacking. The Dallas Cowboys can score but can’t stop anyone from scoring. The Washington Redskins need time for Jay Gruden to rebuild the team.
NFC South – The New Orleans Saints are the most complete team and win by a nose. The Atlanta Falcons rebound and reach the postseason as a Wild Card. The Carolina Panthers defense can win some games but not enough without a legit passing attack from the offense. Tampa Bay Buccaneers are most improved.
NFC North – The Green Bay Packers and only because of Aaron Rodgers and the offense. Lackluster defense sends them home early in the playoffs. The Detroit Lions break the mold, make the playoffs, and flame out. The Chicago Bears make a run at it but the defense folds. The Minnesota Vikings are never in it.
NFC West – San Francisco finally breaks through as the Seattle Seahawks suffer a Super Bowl letdown and finish second. Arizona and St. Louis just aren’t there yet.

More complete reviews of each NFL team below.


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