Football Tickets – NFL News in Bits and Pieces

by on June 2, 2015 updated June 2, 2015


NFL Tickets Are Ready for 2015


There’s a little bit going on around the NFL right now as the league gears up for the 2015 season. Trying to keep up can be a bit of a problem for NFL ticket holders. It’s hard enough to keep up with your own team. New faces, new coaches, new players and a little of the same old stuff.

 Manziel Makes the News (Again)

 Johnny manziel had a rough first season in the NFl and it doesn’t look like the second is starting out much better, at least in the public relations department. Manziel was apparently being harassed by a fan and ended up throwing a water bottle at him, according to reports. At this point it seems Manziel has made himself a target for every idiot who wants to be on the news. That may be his own fault but still, how about letting him win or lose on his own? From every source we can see, his work ethic has improved and he’s trying to become an NFL quarterback. Tale a step back, folks.

 Adrian Peterson Joins the Vikings

 You knew it was going to happen. Adrian Peterson has rejoined the Vikings for OTA’s and that’s a good thing. It’s also the only thing Peterson could do. When trade talk surrounded Peterson, no team in the NFL would step up and pay the Vikings asking price, leaving Peterson no wiggle room at all. He may be mad about the Vikings stance on his suspension but there’s not much he can do about it unless he wants to pass up millions.

 Saints Ink Cam Jordan

 The New Orleans Saints signed Cam Jordan to a new deal today, proving that you don’t have to be a great player to get a great deal. Jordan has the potential to be very good and he seemed to be going that way in 2013. Then the disaster that the 2014 Saints defense rolled around….on the ground….helplessly. New Orleans is hoping that surrounding Jordan with better talent will free him up to be the player he could be.

 Gore in Indy – The Perfect Couple

 Frank Gore has defied Father Time and injury, carrying the load in San Francisco for a decade. Now he’s a member of the Indianapolis Colts and seems to be a perfect fit for the team. Andrew Luck doesn’t need a workhorse under center. Andrew Luck needs a guy that defenses must respect and Frank Gore fits that mold perfectly. Colts fans should look forward to a duo that complement each other very well over the next two seasons. Gore opens things up for Luck. Luck opens things up for Gore. See how well that works?


NFL Tickets – Eagles QB Battle

updated May 31, 2015by May 31, 2015

One of the biggest questions surrounding NFL tickets this season is what’s going on with the Philadelphia Eagles. Chip Kelly has taken firm control of the player side of things and he’s made some major moves that have some people scratching their heads. Not the least of these head scratchers is the quarterback situation. Romors […]

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NBA Finals Tickets – Cavaliers vs Warriors

updated May 28, 2015by May 28, 2015

 NBA Finals Tickets are Here!!                                                                                       The NBA Finals are ready to kick […]

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NBA Tickets – Cavaliers Sweep Into Finals

updated May 26, 2015by May 26, 2015

    So, this is an unusual event for NBA Finals tickets. The Cleveland Cavaliers pulled off a four game sweep of the Atlanta Hawks last night, capping a remarkable playoff run so far. The last time this happened was so long ago we don’t even want to look it up. The chronology runs like […]

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NFL Tickets – Colts Draft is Puzzling

updated May 24, 2015by May 24, 2015

The Indianapolis Colts are a team on the rise since the Andrew Luck era began. Every NFL season Luck has been under center has gotten the Colts a step closer to the Super Bowl. It’s obvious he’s the key to Indianapolis moving forward yet another step. Which is what makes this draft a little puzzling. […]

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