NFL Week 7 – Five Things We Learned

by on October 21, 2014 updated October 21, 2014


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1) The Denver Broncos are better than they were last season. In 2014, Denver sees the same old Peyton Manning, an improved running attack, and a much better defense. Whether this will be enough to carry them to a Super Bowl remains to be seen but the Broncos have improved across the board.

2) The Seattle Seahawks are struggling to find an identity again. After winning the Super Bowl, Seattle saw some changes, losing Golden Tate and some key defensive players. Percy Harvin didn’t seem to fit in. Seattle is 3-3 and somehow doesn’t seem to be able to muster the magic when they need it. Perhaps more Marshawn Lynch.

3) The New Orleans Saints came into the 2014 season with high expectations but right now would love to be able to string some wins together. Now 204 and looking at games against Seattle, Green Bay, and the Carolina Panthers, the Saints need to find some defensive backbone.

4) The Arizona Cardinals are alive and well and thriving in the NFC West. Surprisingly, Arizona is the class of the division, winning with balance and defense.

5) The Dallas Cowboys have proved all the critics wrong. Now 6-1 and appearing to be dominant, the Cowboys have to hope Demarco Murray stays healthy.


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