Super Bowl Week Begins – Who’s feeling Lucky?

by on January 26, 2015 updated January 26, 2015

Super Bowl week is upon us, the week when those Super Bowl tickets begin to glow in the dark, calling to us, beckoning to be heard.Can you hear yours? If not check the button below.



So, we’ve been listening all week to the multitudes of opinions on Deflategate and whether or not the New England patriots fiddled with air pressure in the AFC Championship. Forget it. It’s a non-issue in the Super Bowl. Here’s what we should be thinking about:

1) Can Tom Brady and crew handle the defense of the Seattle Seahawks? Here’s what I’m thinking. Yards are going to be hard to come by. The Seahawks have Richard Sherman of course but the real strength is in their depth. The Patriots will have to have some lesser players step up and do some damage to change Seattle’s style.

2) The running game is going to have a huge effect on the Super Bowl. We can expect Marshawn Lynch to get enough carries to give Russell Wilson some breathing room. Brady will need one thing, a dominating performance from an offensive line that has been getting progressively better all season.

3) Can an aggressive Seahawks defense gameplan for Bill Belichick? Big Bill will be pulling out all the stops in this one and we can expect a few wrinkles. LeGarrette Blount will be key here on offense as will Rob Gronkowski. Expect the unexpected.

4) Can the Patriots contain Russell Wilson? The guy is a killer when he gets loose. New England has to forget about flushing him out of the pocket. That’s like stabbing yourself in the chest. The pocket must collapse and collapse in a hurry.

5) Who has luck on their side? Let’s face it, both teams are Super Bowl worthy. That one turnover, one lucky bounce, one slip in the secondary, could make or break a season. Both these teams are good but which one is lucky?


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