Houston Texans Tickets – Is 2015 The Year?

by on July 30, 2015 updated July 30, 2015


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Isn’t having a great defense one of the keys to winning NFL football? Texans tickets seem to be selling on that premise, and we believe it’s a good one. The old adage is that offense wins games and defense wins championships. What works in the NFL is winning, period. Defense however, keeps you in the game and you have to be in the game to win it.

The 2015 Houston Texans will be working the defensive side of the formula as their primary strength. How can they not after the way they finished 2014? Over the last five games of the season the Texans defense allowed less than 17 points per game and opposing teams only converted less than one out of four third down attempts. That’s excellent defense and the biggest reason Houston won four of those five games.

J.J. Watt is the centerpiece of the defense and he is undeniably the most potent force on defense in the NFL. Watt generates sacks, pass rush, fumbles, and scores. What else do you need? How about some help from some other people to free him up? The Texans linebackers must improve. Whitnet Mercilus had a so-so 2014 but should be better this season. The other big question is Jadeveon Clowney. Is this guy going to be healthy or will microfracture surgery render him a wasted draft choice? The corners, Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson, are solid. Kevin Johnson, the rookie out of Wake Forest, could break into the lineup or make an effective nickel back.

In the NFL though, quarterback is the name of the game and the Houston Texans still aren’t sure they have the right guy. Honestly, Ryan Mallett has to be seen as the favorite after recovering from an injury riddled 2014 simply becaue he’s been around longer. he has all the psychical qualities necessary but has to stay healthy and win the job. If he can’t, Brian Hoyer is a decent journeyman quarterback who probably won’t do much damage and keep things honest to help the running game. Arian Foster comes back healthy and should be a 1,000 plus yard runner again. Alfred Blue should be a capable #2 guy. With Andre Johnson gone, the weight falls on DeAndre Hopkins to be the primary target. Johnson has shown he can get it done but behind him the Texans will be hoping some new faces can beef up the passing attack.

Based on their defense alone we see the Houston Texans as a playoff capable team, given any kind of consistency at quarterback and general good health from the top defensive starters. Texans tickets have been slogging their way through the mud but it’s time ticket holders got a break and 2015 could be the year.


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