NFL News – Suh Not Worth the Gamble?

by on March 2, 2015 updated March 2, 2015



The Detroit Lions have said no thanks to what many consider the best defensive lineman in the NFL, Ndamukong Suh. Which doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love to have him. It just means the Lions won’t be placing the franchise tag on Suh, which would mean a price tag of $26 million. Instead, they’ll take a more cap friendly approach and hope Suh wants to stay in Detroit and that the pull of big dollars doesn’t take him to the hearth of another suitor. And they’re out there.

The NFL is a wide open place for someone with the talent of Ndamukong Suh. Since being drafted in 2010, Suh has been to the Pro Bowl four times and he’s been a consistent force on the Detroit defensive line. On the down side, he seems to have a penchant, and definitely the reputation, for being a dirty player. He’s been fined multiple times and once kicked Matt Schaub in the cojones, not something the NFL wants happening on their television broadcasts.

Look for interest from several NFL teams. The Oakland Raiders need a big shot in the arm on defense and Suh would provide the big name and a focal point for the defense. Oakland has plenty of money. What they don’t have is the luxury of once again whiffing on a free agent. The Jacksonville Jaguars are another NFL team trying to turn things around and again, have plenty of money. There’s also some speculation that the Cleveland Browns may show some interest in Suh. If so, it’s a dangerous move.

Wherever he ends up, Suh is as good a bet talent wise as any lineman in the NFL. What may throw some teams off is the huge financial bet you’re placing on a player who is not even close to being an exemplary personality. But maybe that’s not what it takes to be a defensive lineman in the NFL.


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