NFL News – Reggie Bush Cut by Detroit

by on February 26, 2015 updated February 26, 2015

Reggie Bush has been released by the Detroit Lions, a victim of injury and too many dinero on the table. Bush was productive in Detroit his first season, 2013, topping 1,000 yards and showing the flash and dash expected of him when he came out in the draft. But the one thing about reggie Bush is that he never seemed to be able to avoid injury and live up to the superstar potential some saw in him. That’s not to say he wasn’t effective at times.

During his stay with the New Orleans Saints, Reggie Bush provided a kind of diversionary value that Sean Payton used effectively. Catching passes out of the backfield made him dangerous in open space. But you can’t pay a diversion the kind of money Bush got so the Saints released him and he spent a couple of fairly productive season in Miami. The Detroit Lions seemed to be a good fit, and they were, but only for a single season. Now, at 30 years old, Reggie Bush may still have value as a situation player and some have him pegged for a return to New Orleans at a low price.

Speaking of big name free agents, Troy Palamalu may soon find himself in the same situation as Reggie Bush. Polamalu has been nothing but fantastic for the Pittsburgh Steelers but is coming off his least productive season and at 34 years old is unlikely to return to form. Pittsburgh is going to have a hard time finding $6 million they want to spend on an aging hero.

And on to A.J Hawk. Suffering from an ankle injury put Hawk on the back burner for the Green Bay Packers and age, which seems to be the theme of this article, is catching up to the 31-year old. Any team looking for experienced depth could do well signing A.J. Hawk in a backup role or as a starter if he can gain any semblance of his old form.

Time marches on in the NFL and once great players must take a back seat at some point.


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