Are the Chicago Bears That Good?

by on September 16, 2014 updated September 16, 2014

Or are the 49ers Ready to Stumble?


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There have been a few surprises in the NFL in 2014 even though it’s been only two weeks. One of those surprises was the Chicago Bears going into San Francisco and beating the 49ers this weekend. Across the NFL it’s been pretty much accepted that the 49ers would once again be in contention for a playoff spot and even a Super Bowl if they could get past the Seahawks. Two things happened. First, the 49ers defense allowed Jay Cutler to throw three touchdowns passes in the 4th quarter, and unheard of rally against one of the better defenses in the league. Secondly, the Seahawks lost to the Chargers.

Are the Bears that good? They certainly didn’t appear to be in Week 1 when the fell to Buffalo. In Week 2 however, we got a glimpse of how this Bears defense can play when everything is clicking. Kyle Fuller seems to be the real deal, picking off two Kaepernick passes, one of which resulted in a penalty and put Chicago on the three-yard line for an easy score. 16 penalties didn’t the San Francisco cause either.

It’s way early to be labeling teams at this point. But I think the situation bears watching. The 49ers experienced some controversy in the off-season and the uncertain Harbaugh contract may be affecting things in the locker room. On the Chicago side we need to see this kind of performance from Jay Cutler on a weekly basis to call the Bears Super Bowl contenders. But it could happen. In the NFL, anything can happen.




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